Customer Testimonials
American Pharoah

(First to win the Triple Crown in 37 years)

"This is absolutely the best bedding we have ever put our horses on. We wish every track would use the Beaver Shavings."

Bob Baffert & Jimmy Barnes - Head Trainer and Assistant Trainer for American Pharoah

"Your shavings are phenomenal! We redid all the stalls last night and when we checked this morning we found the absorbency is everything you promised with this product. The ease in sifting is amazing despite the flake size. And I'm sure you already know this - one bag of your shavings covers our 12 x 12 stalls providing approx 1" thickness - absolutely perfect! So on behalf of us and all our wonderful 4 legged babies - thank you so much!"

Sherry P. - Hampton, VA

"I don't know where to start!! I had show horses for about 30 years so I always had a "type" of shavings that I preferred. Now that I have show dogs and I once again use shavings I've discovered your brand and I can't say enough fantastic things about the product. We use them in our dog play areas outside and I just love how the dogs smell when they come in, the dogs enjoy laying in them in the nice weather and they look so comfortable all sunk down in them! Thank you for making a super product that is totally dust free, easy to handle and just perfect for dogs, horses, whatever! A TOTALLY satisfied, happy customer!"

Sue King - Flemington, NJ

"They are incredibly light, absorbent, and we use less bags. I have been to the best farms all over the world, these are the finest shavings I have ever used."

Robbie Sanderson - 4 Time Olympic Groom

"I've had Olympic caliber horses for over thirty years and have used all manner of horse bedding all over the world. Your product is fabulous. The consistent unit volume, quality of product, and useful packaging is superior to anything I have used to date. We cut the tops off the bags and use them for bin liners, so even the empty bags are put to good use.. Thanks again for providing a great product."

Amanda A. - VA

"Amazing how light they are, and there is less dust in the barn since changing to this bedding."

Suzie Dutta - USDF Gold Medal Rider and member of the US Gold Medal Pan AM Team
  • "Working with Johnie and Sandra Allen is a real pleasure. They always go out of their way to do their best to meet the needs of our company and our customers. A lot of suppliers talk about a partnership between manufacturer and retailer but J & D Wood really follows through on that commitment."
Ed - Manager of Retail Marketing - Store chain - VA

"We have been doing business with J & D Wood for several years now and they are a good, reliable company. They have been in the shaving business for years and manufacture a good quality, bright, pine shaving. J & D is always dependable on the delivery of their shavings. We would recommend them to anyone."

Buddy - Business Owner - NC

"We use J & D Wood shavings exclusively. Whether it be one load a week or five, the middle of June or the middle of February, Sandra, Johnie, and the entire team at J & D Wood have been there for us year after year. We could not have brought our company to the top of the equine industry without them."

Kevin & Colleen - Owners - Distributor - NY

"We are proud to be associated with the good folks at J & D Wood. They are an A-1 professional company from product quality to customer service and delivery. As a Florida distributor, we enjoy continuous repeat orders from our customers without a single complaint concerning the "BEAVER"."

Bobby - Distributor - FL

"Perdue Farms, Inc. has been getting J & D Wood to deliver shavings to the farms. I have found them to be very dependable and courteous. Whenever I am in a bind, Johnie and Sandra are always the ones to call. I would definitely recommend their service to anybody."

Shannon - Associate Cost Accountant - NC
  • "The numbers speak for themselves. Our customers love the dust free shavings. Horses that require a dust free environment are in good hands with J & D Wood's dust free shavings. The service and consistency are first class. To say shavings are an important part of our business is an understatement, thats why we depend on J & D Wood."
Jamey - Store Owner - NJ
  • "J & D Wood is our #1 source for quality pine shavings. They are easy to do business with and have the best shaving on the market. Dust free shavings are almost impossible to find; but J & D sets the standard. We have an excellent working relationship with J & D and highly recommend them, not only for their product, but for their business standards as well."
Owen - Owner - Distributor - SC
  • "J & D Wood is a very great company. I really enjoy working with them."
Blossom - Trucking Company - NC
  • "We have been working with the Allen family since 2005 and they are one of the best families we have ever dealt with. The product manufactured is always consistent with an excellent quality. I recommend J & D Wood's shavings without reservation."
Mike - Director of Sales & Marketing - Canada
  • "Our customers love them, they ask for the bag with the beaver on it."
Beck - Store Owner - FL
  • "Woody only sleeps on the best bedding!"
Tom - Distributor - FL
  • "For our money, these are the best shavings that we have had. They are very light, absorbent, and the stalls are easy to muck."
Glenn J. - Allentown, NJ
  • "Shavings are very light, and there is less dust in the barn."
Amy W. - New Bolton, PA
  • ".....They are truly dedicated to helping us care for our animals. Pine wood shavings have been a better option than the wood sawdust we were buying."
Carrie & Mark M. - Alloway, NJ
  • Having been involved in horse racing for 40 years, this is the best product for bedding horses. The bags are light, and the shavings provide a pleasant aroma in the barn. I would recommend this product to anyone with horses."
Harold H. - Cochranville, PA
  • "Just wanted to thank you all for the quick delivery of your WONDERFUL shavings and the friendly service you provided. The horses are very comfortable with their new fluffy bedding and the air is dust free. Plus.....everything smells so fresh and healthy! Thanks again for making this a good experience and easy decision."
Elizabeth F. - Midway, KY
  • "Just wanted to let you know that we are delighted with the shavings. The horses love the shavings. They are lying down on them for naps more than with their previous shavings."
Paul L. - Norfolk, VA

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