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J & D Wood, Inc. is a family owned and operated company. We started our business in 1987 to manufacture wooden parts for the furniture industry. For over 20 years, we had outstanding relationships with such companies as Broyhill, Thomasville, Kincaid, and Bernhardt, to name a few.

In 2003, direct imports began to have an impact on the manufacturing side of the furniture industry. We decided to change our focus from manufacturing furniture parts to manufacturing a quality pine shaving. We would be the first known manufacturing plant in NC. The plant was originally started to manufacture pine shavings in bulk, however it did not take long to realize the need for bagged shavings. So within that same year an automatic bagger was added as well to provide highly compressed bagged shavings. Shortly after that a second shaving machine was also added to the plant to double production.

In January of 2007, we decided to close the doors on the furniture plant and put all of our interest into the manufacturing of shavings for animal bedding. A second plant was built which would once again more than double production. This plant would also provide bulk shavings as well as highly compressed bags.

Our company is constantly adding on and making changes to date that will keep it running at its utmost efficiency. We have our own machine shop where custom parts and repairs are made. Numerous spare parts are always kept in stock to assure minimal downtime. Almost all tooling is done in house as well. One thing that differs the company from most is the fact that we designed and built the plant ourselves. Even the shaving machines used are custom made on site. This is truly an "in house" operation.

All of us at J & D Wood, Inc. are proud to have one of the largest manufacturing capabilities of any privately owned shaving mill on the east coast. However, rather than boasting about unrealistic production numbers, we take pride in two main things:

Quality and Customer Service

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